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Helping Infants and Toddlers Cope with Grief

Helping Infants and Toddlers Cope with Grief

Grief affects everyone differently, and understanding how infants and toddlers process loss is crucial in providing appropriate support. While they may not understand the full implications of death, young children sense the change and may react to the emotions of those around them. As bereavement counselling experts, we at West & Sons offer compassionate guidance to families during these tender times.

Recognise Their Capacity to Feel Grief: Infants and toddlers might not comprehend death, but they do experience feelings of loss and disruption. Their reactions can include increased crying, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, or clinginess. These responses are normal as they react to the absence of a loved one and shifts in their routine.

Maintain Routine: One of the best ways to support young children during a period of grief is to maintain a routine. Familiar patterns of daily life provide a sense of security and normalcy that can be comforting in times of change.

Offer Reassurance and Comfort: Physical comfort is paramount. Hugs, cuddling, and calm, soothing talk can reassure a child of their safety. It’s beneficial to keep explanations simple and age-appropriate, reassuring them that they are loved and secure.

Model Healthy Grieving: Children learn by observing adults. By modeling healthy expressions of grief, you show them that it’s okay to feel sad or upset and that these are normal emotions in response to loss.

Use Resources and Seek Support: Books designed for young children about loss can be a gentle way to help them understand and cope with grief. Additionally, consider seeking the support of professionals who specialize in early childhood development if you notice persistent changes in behavior.

At West & Sons, we understand that supporting a grieving child is a profound responsibility. We are here to assist you with understanding and empathy, ensuring your family navigates this challenging time with care and compassion. For more personalised advice or support services, please reach out to our team. We are here to help every step of the way.